Moonbear employs the best designers and architects to elevate your event to the next level.

Choose from one of our designs or we can create something perfect together.

Moonbear_Co_Freestanding_Wedding_Wall_Backdrop_Beach_Flower of Life.jpg


Custom everything! From freestanding event walls to place settings. We work with you to bring nuance and excitement to your planned experience. Create the perfect photo booth background.

Moonbear_Co_Freestanding_Wedding_Wall_Backdrop_Geometric Leaves.jpg


We are experts in creating beautiful signs for your event. Whether it is a sign for a wedding or a funky company sign to make your company stand out.



You want a Donut wall?

What my baby wants my baby gets!

We ship worldwide


These custom free standing event walls are designed to elevate a specific event and create an experience for everyone around.

We listen to what you are visioning for your event and create 1 to 3 renderings based on your specifications. From there you choose the one you love and we get to work. Projects take up 2 to 3 weeks depending the size of the project.