Moon Bear specializes in setting the stage for a beautiful wedding, whether it's indoors or in a park, at the beach or in the backyard. 

Our 8-foot-tall walls can transform even the simplest wedding into a spectacular event.

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Custom everything! From freestanding event walls to place settings. We work with you to bring nuance and excitement to your planned experience. Create the perfect photo booth background.

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Our portable Wedding Walls are easy to assemble and provide breathtaking backdrops for photos couples will cherish forever.  


want a Donut wall?

We have more than 50 designs available, and can even customize ideas.  Take a look at our brochure, and call, email or text us if you have questions or to place an order.

We ship worldwide


These custom free standing event walls are designed to elevate a specific event and create an experience for everyone around.

We listen to what you are envisioning for your event and create 1 to 3 renderings based on your specifications. From there you choose the one you love and we get to work. Projects take up to 2 - 3 weeks depending the size of the project.